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Nw: Gurugram's 'Butcher': 3 year old innocent was also attacked, 4 including daughter-in-law were hacked

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Gurgaon Execute Case : In Rajendra Park area of ​​Gurugram, a retired soldier attacked five people living in his house with sharp weapons in which four People died on the spot. A three-year-old Masamu, who was injured in the incident, has been admitted to the Civil Hospital, Sector 10.

Gurugram Execute Substitute: Illegal relationship suspected! Retired soldier murdered 4 people including daughter-in-law and tenant, see ground report



    Retired soldier put to death four people living in his house

he had also attacked a three year old girl, but her life was savedThe girl is undergoing treatment in Safdarjung Hospital, the condition is critical

  • Cranky also brought his daughter-in-law to death along with the tenants
  • Yogesh, Gurugram
    When a person becomes angry in anger that he does not even know. In this anger, a soldier, who had served in the highest disciplined department like the army, became such a butcher that even a three-year-old girl did not show mercy to him. He attacked the girl with a sharp weapon, but she survived. Four people have died in this heart-shaking incident. The police have taken a woman into custody from the spot, who is suspected to have supported the retired soldier in this cruelty.

    Gurugram A heart-wrenching incident happened in
    )The incident is of Rajendra Park area of ​​Gurugram where that retired soldier named Rao Rai Saheb lives with his family. He had also given his house on rent. Tenant Krishna Tiwari, along with his wife and two daughters lived in his house. On Monday night, what was the frenzy of the soldier that he assumed the form of a rage and attacked his daughter-in-law including the entire family of the tenant with a sharp weapon.

    Gurugram Data : In Gurugram, a landlord became a landlord, killed four people including daughter-in-law Innocent is battling with death
    Krishna Tiwari (45 years old), his wife Anamika Tiwari (38 years old) and their nine year old daughter were attacked by that freak that they all died on the spot. Gave. He had also brutally attacked his daughter-in-law Sunita Yadav (32 years) and she too could not survive. In this way, the dead bodies of four people were laid together in the orgy of the freak. At the same time, Vidhi Tiwari, the three-year-old daughter of tenant Krishna Tiwari, continued to breathe. He was first admitted to the Civil Hospital, Sector 10, but seeing the condition not improving, doctors referred him to Safdarjung Hospital. The girl is swinging between life and death there.

    himself told the police his deed On the other hand, crossing the limits of barbarism, the freak himself went to the police. He went to the police station Rajendra Park and told the police about his cruelty. He confessed to the police that he had simultaneously killed his tenant and daughter-in-law. The policemen were also stunned by the confession of that devil. Then West Gurugram DCP Deepak Saharan, ACP (Industry) Rajeev Yadav, Police Station Rajendra Park, Police Station Sector 5 and SHO of Police Station Bajghera reached the spot.

    Gurugram Crime Data : Landlord became Haiwan, murder of four people including daughter-in-law

    ) Policemen also lost their sensesThe policemen were shocked to see the blood and dead bodies scattered on the spot. He could not understand how someone could be so cruel and barbaric. The police team completed the necessary process on the spot and tried to know about the incident from the people around. He has also taken into custody a woman who is suspected of helping the freak in this bloody crime. That butcher is also in police custody.

    Police have detained a woman.

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    Internet Title : 3 one year mature lady severely wounded and four killed in gurugram in inhuman act of a retired military man

    Hindi Data from Navbharat Times, TIL Network Source

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