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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Nw: Hamas drops 'condum bomb', Israeli fighter jet wreaks havoc in Gaza Strip

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Israel Assault In Gaza: Israeli fighter jets bomb Gaza after Palestinian rebel group Hamas dropped flammable balloons on Israeli targets . Many Hamas bases were destroyed in these attacks.

Israel bombs Hamas bases


  • Israeli fighter jets attacked Hamas armed wing posts in the Gaza Strip
  • Israeli army set fire to this attack In response to the release of the balloons (Condum Bomb) done
  • According to Palestinian security sources, posts and facilities belonging to Al-Qassam Brigade, Hamas Armed Wing

    GazaIsraeli fighter Two planes attacked posts and facilities of the armed wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the Gaza Strip. An Israeli military spokesman said Monday’s attack was in response to the release of condom bombs toward southern Israel. According to Palestinian security sources, the post and facilities belong to the Al-Qassam Brigade, the Hamas armed wing in the southern, central and northern Gaza Strip.

    Medical sources said that no casualties While security sources said Hamas militants evacuated all checkpoints and facilities in the Gaza Strip fearing Israeli air strikes. Hamas-run al-Aqsa radio in Gaza reported that Hamas militants fired heavy machine guns at the fighters.

    Also on Monday, Israeli media reported that dozens of condom bombs were dropped from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, sparking fires in more than nine areas in southern Israel, and Several farms suffered severe damage. Israeli fighter jets attacked several Hamas posts and facilities on Saturday after an Israeli soldier was seriously injured in the border line area between the eastern Gaza Strip and Israel.

    Hamas members fill explosives inside the condom
    The airstrikes on the Gaza Strip lasted 11 days before Monday night This is the fourth attack since the end of the final round of fighting that ended on 21 May. In fact, members of the extremist group Hamas inflate condoms, fill them with flammable materials such as coal and then blow them into Israeli areas. When these ‘balloons’ burst, a fire starts. Not only this, explosive substances are also filled inside many condoms, due to which they explode where they fall.

    The incidents of fire due to these balloons in southern Israel have increased significantly. According to the Times of Israel report, thousands of acres of crops have been destroyed in Israel due to these condom balloons. People have suffered a lot because of this. According to the Israeli military, the purpose of these condom balloons is to kill people and cause great destruction. Children are often caught in the grip of these balloons, who get caught in greed and touch it or run to get it. Many Israeli children have also been injured in these explosions.

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    Net Title : israeli warplanes bombs hamas sites in gaza over fire balloons or condom bombsHindi News from Navbharat Occasions, TIL Network


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