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Nw: Finding out Realme's MagDart 50W and 15W wireless magnetic chargers

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Wi-fi charging has been supported on purchase phones for over a decade now, but it indubitably has many detractors. It’s uninteresting, it’s inefficient, it requires cautious placement. But things had been bettering not too long ago.

The most up-to-date valuable strengthen comes in the build of magnets. Apple intelligent the bottom with its re-imagined MagSafe, while Realme is the valuable Android maker to adopt this sort of system. It calls it MagDart (“mag” for “magnet”, “race” for its proprietary charging resolution).

While MagDart isnt the valuable ever, it is the quickest. We maintain got a tiny aluminum block in our palms that can also very neatly be a 50W wireless charger and it pulls in the direction of the Realme Flash – it snaps on in finest alignment with barely any effort.

This takes care of 1 in all the extra anxious concerns with wireless charging. With regular wireless chargers, bumping the cellular phone off heart can location off charging to conclude, so we deserve to nervously double confirm the cellular phone to peek if it’s truly charging. And ought to you bump it without noticing then you salvage no payment at all.

Testing Realme's MagDart 50W and 15W wireless magnetic chargers

Wi-fi chargers maintain gotten aesthetic shortly and 50W isnt very irregular on flagships. But 50W is on the full overkill too, so Realme also created a skinny and transportable 15W charger. While it’s technically rated on the identical vitality as Apple’s 15W MagSafe, truly it costs noticeably sooner. Consider that these ratings are for prime vitality handiest, which isn’t very completed.

But we’ll salvage to the trying out, let’s first meet the celebrities of the stamp. The Realme Flash is a prototype cellular phone that we’ll employ as a stand-in for future Realme’s with MagDart enhance. It has a 4,500mAh battery, which is as unheard of as the Realme GT 5G has. The GT itself lacks native enhance for any wireless charging, but the firm is engaged on a case that will add MagDart enhance to the cellular phone.

Testing Realme's MagDart 50W and 15W wireless magnetic chargers

The first charger we can peek at supports MagDart charging at up to 50W. It doesn’t maintain a catchy name, it’s simply known as the Realme 50W MagDart Wi-fi Charger. Successfully, it does manufacture what it says on the tin, why complicate things.

Moreover the charging coil, this unit also comprises a cooling fan since 50W is simply too unheard of for passive cooling to address. Certainly, heat is the enemy of this charger as we’re about to peek.

Testing Realme's MagDart 50W and 15W wireless magnetic chargers

Officially, the charger can salvage the Flash to 20% in 5 minutes and complete the payment in 54 minutes. We couldn’t match these numbers and we suspect the room temperature is responsible. As soon as we repeated the take a look at in a hotter room, the we saw that the charging slowed down even extra.

But with the AC on, the Flash obtained to 50% in just under half an hour and to 90% in about 56 minutes. The last 10% took a few extra minutes, right here’s a chart showing the payment declare over time:

That you too can maintain a maintain a study this desk that reveals the payment development in 5 minute intervals. There are quite loads of methods to be taught this desk. Clearly, it is possible you’ll likely simply peek on the underside row and direct that a plump payment takes about an hour. But what ought to you begin at, direct, 30%? Then this can even clutch 45-50 minutes. Initiating with an ineffective battery, it is possible you’ll perchance possibly gallop up to 50% or so in half an hour and loads others.

Realme 50W MagDart Charger with the Realme Flash (4,500 mAh)
0 min 1% 5 min 13% 10 min 22% 15 min

29% 20 min 43% 25 min 48%

 battery charge state over time30 min

51% 35 min 59% 40 min

66% 45 min

74%Testing Realme's MagDart 50W and 15W wireless magnetic chargers Quiet charging slows down the 50W MagDart charger and shuts off its fan50 min

81% 55 min

88% 60 min

95%Testing Realme's MagDart 50W and 15W wireless magnetic chargers 63 min


The charger’s fan kicks in straight ought to you build the cellular phone on top. We maintain got to uncover that this does an even bigger job of cooling the charger itself than the cellular phone. The relieve of the Flash is created from glass and so is the tip of the charger. This isn’t supreme for warmth switch, but is a the largest spoiled (steel carries heat extra without concerns, but it indubitably would block the wireless charging).

Via noise, it is possible you’ You probably hear the fan ought to be subsequent to it, but it indubitably isn’t very too loud. It isn’t very one thing you’d deserve to placed for your night stand, although 50W is overkill for overnight charging, anyway.

But you don’t deserve to payment at 50W. That you can gallop into the settings and enable Gentle charging. This shuts off the fan and slows down the charging tempo. That you can maintain this on an agenda so that you salvage the plump 50W throughout the day, but have an unruffled charging abilities at night. The agenda is either automatic (when the cellular phone thinks you’ve long past to bed, it activates unruffled mode) or with mounted begin and cease cases. That you can gallop away it repeatedly enabled too, ought to you need.

Quiet charging slows down the 50W MagDart charger and shuts off its fan
Testing Realme's MagDart 50W and 15W wireless magnetic chargersGentle charging slows down the 50W MagDart charger and shuts off its fan

This combines successfully with the optimized night charging characteristic, which costs the battery handiest to 80% throughout the night and tops it off in the morning earlier than you wake up. Nevertheless, right here’s done robotically per the cellular phone discovering out your habits. We desired to peek a guide agenda for this as neatly.

Transferring on to the Realme 15W MagDart Charger, it is a tiny puck that measures handiest 3.9mm thick. This became completed by piquant the electronics in a form of USB dongle on the diversified cease of the cable, which has the added earnings of preserving heat-producing parts faraway from each diversified.

Testing Realme's MagDart 50W and 15W wireless magnetic chargers

The 3.9mm create is for bigger than simply shallowness. The tiny puck is easy to maneuver – you’t deserve to build the cellular phone on top of it, it is possible you’ll perchance perchance presumably you don’t snap it on the relieve and clutch the employ of the cellular phone. That you can barely truly feel it’s there and ought to you nudge it out of alignment, the magnets will carry it relieve where it belongs. Attempting that with a non-magnetic charger will be an exercise in frustration.

Testing Realme's MagDart 50W and 15W wireless magnetic chargers

Clearly, this charger isnt very as shortly as the 50W one, but it indubitably isnt very uninteresting either. Especially for the explanation that 50W charger starts to uninteresting down after 50% or so, giving the 15W one a likelihood to elevate some misplaced ground.

30 minutes of charging a ineffective battery gets it to 36% , 50% takes rather over 42 minutes and the plump charging is done in about an hour and a half. Here’s a chart showing the battery declare over time:

Testing Realme's MagDart 50W and 15W wireless magnetic chargers

And right here’s one other desk. This one is in 10 minute internals for the explanation that path of takes longer, but it is possible you’ll perchance possibly serene peek how long this can even clutch you to gallop from, direct, 25% to 80%.

Realme 15W MagDart Charger with the Realme Flash (4,500 mAh)
0 minTesting Realme's MagDart 50W and 15W wireless magnetic chargers 1%
10 min 13%
20 min

30 min 36%
40 min 47%
50 min 58% 60 min

70% 70 min

79% 80 min 88% 90 min 96% 96 min 100%

Quiet charging slows down the 50W MagDart charger and shuts off its fan

For comparison, an iPhone 12 Skilled Max with a 3,678 mAh battery gets to 28% in half an hour the employ of the Apple MagSafe adapter (which, but again, is rated on the identical 15W), a plump payment takes an hour and a half, despite wanting to maintain a smaller battery.

Something main to uncover is that after we are anno uncing an ineffective cellular phone we imply nearly ineffective. If the battery is truly flat, the wireless charger won’t be in a region to wake up the cellular phone. You want maintain as a minimum 1% in the tank.

We did one extra take a look at, this time the employ of the 65W wired adapter, it’s the one we’ve been the employ of to vitality the 50W MagDart adapter. This one is clearly unheard of extra environment friendly and obtained to 50% in under 13 minutes, the plump payment became completed in 34 minutes. Here’s the chart:

 battery charge state over time

And the desk in 5 minute intervals:

Realme 65W wired charger with the Realme Flash (4,500 mAh)
0 min 1% 5 min


10 min 41% )

15 min

Quiet charging slows down the 50W MagDart charger and shuts off its fan60%


20 min 25 min 88%
30 min


34 min


We would maintain tried Realme’s tiny 50W wired charger, but we handiest had a USB A-to-C cable available, the one frail for the 65W charger. The 50W one has a USB-C port, which is what we frail for the 15W MagDart charger, which we couldn’t employ with the 65W one. Must you’re getting at a loss for phrases by all this, the valuable takeaway is that this – the sooner Realme strikes to all USB-C, the higher. Having to shock “will this charger work with this cable and this MagDart adapter” would possibly perchance perchance had been averted.

Forward of we wrap up, right here’s a desk that reveals how long it takes for the three chargers we tested to hit explicit milestones: 10%, 50%, 90% and 100%.


Battery payment
65W SuperDart 50W MagDart 15W MagDart
0: 02: 34 0: 03: 39 0: 07: 28
0: 12: 27 0: 29: 20 0: 42: 38
90%Testing Realme's MagDart 50W and 15W wireless magnetic chargers
0: 25: 53 0: 56: 15 1: 22: 40 100%

Quiet charging slows down the 50W MagDart charger and shuts off its fan0: 34: 15

1: 03:00 1: 35: 47

There are extra MagDart merchandise in the family. One in every of them is the portable vitality monetary institution, which is on the full half of a stand-up wireless charger. This we would be trying out some diversified time. But we wished to uncover the preserving vitality of the magnets, since Realme has also designed a MagDart wallet.

Long myth quick, it doesn’t clutch too unheard of power to separate the cellular phone and the MagDart accent. It doesn’t support that we tested and not utilizing a case and glass-on-glass simply doesn’t maintain unheard of friction. Apple’s system has this self-discipline too, a grippy silicone case makes the magnet instruments unheard of extra troublesome to go off and that’s what number of employ MagSafe. Here’s one thing to comprehend into myth ought to you are in the MagDart vitality monetary institution or wallet.

But those are extra curiosities than one thing we find will build mainstream adoption (on no myth the mag wallet ). What’s going to we find of the magnetic chargers themselves?

To summarize, “yes, please”. Having to align the cellular phone to the charging coil is an anguish. Especially ought to you confirm your cellular phone at night and plop it relieve on the charger at nighttime. There’s a 50/50 likelihood that it is possible you’ll perchance wake up with a battery in need of charging.

No longer so with magnets – they address alignment without concerns. And it is possible you’ll probably manufacture it by truly feel without taking a look. As we mentioned, it is possible you’ll likely pay with the 15W adapter while the employ of the cellular phone, not one thing we would are trying with a typical wireless charger.

The Gentle charging option on the 50W adapter formulation that you don’t deserve to protect one shortly charger and one for overnight charging. That acknowledged, the 15W one is higher for traveling because it’s neatly-organized compact. The diversified one isnt spacious by any formulation, simply not one it is possible you’ll perchance thing possibly lope into your pocket.

We’d adore to peek some rubber added to clutch the adapters extra valid, but diversified than right here’s a worthwhile first time out for Realme’s magnetic wireless charging system. Sibling save Oppo has its find model in the works, providing a special roster – a 20W puck, a 40W stand-up charger and a vitality monetary institution.

We predict that diversified makers will adopt a magnetic system of some kind at some point soon (even the non-BBK brands). Ideally, a corporation adore the Wi-fi Vitality Consortium will step up and originate a universal standard, so that we are able to stay faraway from the mistakes of the past with proprietary vitality cables.


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