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Nw: The Father Movie Evaluation: Anthony Hopkins And Olivia Colman's Heartbreaking & Psychological Thriller Of A Movie!

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4.0 /5

Star Solid: Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Olivia Williams, Imogen Poots

Director: Florian Zeller

The Father, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman, is as worthy a psychological thriller as a heartbreaking glimpse of damaged-down age and dementia. The diagram in which the Academy Award-winning film plays on your mind genuine from the first scene is something to be experienced. As you survey The Father, you figure that or no longer it’s the sort of film that must believe been directed by a author. Obvious passable, the vivid portrayal has been helmed by novelist and screenwriter Florian Zeller, who has co-written The Father along with Christopher Hampton. It is primarily based fully on Zeller’s 2012 French play Le Père for which he obtained the 2014 Molière Award for Most efficient Play.

Previously, Zeller’s The Father turned into tailored into a French film known as Floride in 2015, directed by Philippe Le Guy. The predominant lead turned into César Award-winning actor, the unhurried Jean Rochefort, who obtained accolades for the film, alongside the capable actress Sandrine Kiberlain. The English version of the film had to match up to these two actors, and there could possibly well also no longer believe been a better more than just a few than the two Academy Award-winning actors Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman.

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The legendary Anthony Hopkins obtained Most efficient Actor for The Father at the 93rd Academy Awards (the Oscar Awards 2021) – his 2d Most efficient Actor Oscar after The Silence of the Lambs (1991) – and Zeller and Hampton took dwelling the trophy for Most Efficient Adapted Screenplay – two wins from the six nominations the film had at the Oscars.

The Father Movie Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman


The Father has Anthony Hopkins play Anthony, an rising older and stubborn nonetheless moderately charming widower. Nervous by dementia, Anthony does no longer know the right from the imagined. In truth, every little thing is right for him and so it is for the viewer.

It Is A Very Irregular Change Being An Actor: Anthony Hopkins

His daughter Anne (Olivia Colman) is insecure for him, as he retains having concern with his caregivers, moderately love a baby with his babysitter. She has to transfer to Paris with her accomplice, and so must take care of who will nurse her father. Anthony has the same opinion to this reluctantly, even supposing he would no longer stop from exhibiting his emotions – ‘You are forsaking me’, he wails.

But the subsequent day is quite about a. As Anthony fixes breakfast for himself, he loses memory every now and then, and is acutely aware of it nonetheless helpless. Even in tiny, everyday duties, dementia takes over. There is an unknown man in the dwelling named Paul (Build Gatiss), who claims to be Anne’s husband, nonetheless Anthony can no longer recall who he is.

To bear issues extra difficult , a woman (Olivia Williams) having a glimpse fully quite about a from Anne (Colman) walks in as Anne into the flat, and later a quite about a Paul (Rufus Sewell) can be viewed as smartly. Who is who?

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Anthony Hopkins in The Father

The Father Movie

Then, Colman as Anne makes an appearance again, introducing a fresh caregiver named Laura (Imogen Poots) to her father. Anthony jumps about on seeing Laura and charms her, additionally pondering she resembles his other and extra “favourite” daughter Lucy. Again, the damaged-down man has no thought the keep Lucy is or why she has no longer contacted him for long. The viewers mediate she is potentially insensitive. Or is she?

This woman appears to be like again, this time in clinical institution as Catherine. Does Anthony mediate of her as Lucy again? Or as Laura? Or even as his mother?

The Father oscillates with such happenings. True love Anthony the persona, the cinema viewer has no thought what is right on veil and what is a hallucination, making every minute of the film a thrilling roam – intentional or no longer. We don’t know what will happen subsequent and how dreadful (or no longer) it will be.

What happens in the cease? The keep will Anthony are living? Will he are living at all or poke into oblivion? Will he ever keep in mind what turned into right? The questions remain.


Anthony Hopkins in The Father

What makes Zeller’s The Father a portion of art is that the portrayal of damaged-down age and its miserable trappings is no longer pitiful or pitiable. You poke along the roam with Anthony Hopkins, who does no longer poke over a beat in his performance, even with the boundaries of his age, being an octogenarian in right existence. (No offense here nonetheless entirely admiration.) The acclaimed actor knows exactly what to expose and what no longer in his at a loss for words existence as a dementia patient, who is additionally struggling with damaged-down age and doubts whether his household will glimpse after him or procure rid of him, possibly violently.

So goes for Olivia Colman for her delicately deal with performance of a no longer-so-favourite daughter who is in a jam how to take care of her very damaged-down and difficult father. Olivia Williams, Build Gatiss, Rufus Sewell and Imogen Poots fit perfectly in the milieu.


Hats off to Zeller, Hampton and the cast and crew for this gem of a film. Whether or no longer you are young, heart-feeble or damaged-down, the theme of The Father will resonate with you and bear you emotional. It reveals acquainted factors we believe all dealt with within our families or possibly well also simply deal with in the future. That is what it makes you realize. Life is genuine as is, with no superheroes, with possibly a dinky miracles here and there, some joyous, tickled moments nonetheless is otherwise genuine mundane, and even raw and brutal. But, The Father does no longer depress you or discourage you from existence. Rather, it makes you extra compassionate.

In truth, after having viewed The Father, one is the truth is having a glimpse forward to Zeller’s subsequent titled The Son, starring Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern and Vanessa Kirby. For now, don’t poke over The Father on Lionsgate Play India.

Filmibeat Ranking: 4 out of 5 stars.


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