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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Nw: AT&T is sending out replacement phones to folks composed utilizing 3G-very top fashions

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AT&T shut down its 2G network in January 2017 and it’s far preparing to gain the same with its 3G network in February 2022. Even so, some of its subscribers composed grasp 3G -very top phones, so the firm is offering free replacements.

Infographics about AT&T's transition away from 2G and 3GInfographics about AT&T's transition away from 2G and 3G ) Infographics about AT&T's transition away from 2G and 3G
Infographics about AT&T’s transition away from 2G and 3G

Subscribers are speculated to query for one within the event that they wish it, however the provider appears to grasp taken a proactive design and sending out replacement phones whether folks asked for them or no longer. And so that they’re no longer inappropriate phones either.

Some grasp got a Samsung Galaxy Note9, others a Clarify10 or S9, others composed a Galaxy A11. It’s an eclectic mix to negate the least.

Android Police reached out to AT&T to query what’s going on and got the next response:

We now grasped got no longer changed our plans to exchange 3G network-dependent gadgets. Nevertheless, stock constraints imply we typically need to fetch substitutes for some gadgets.

In a kind of phrases, the provider is sending out random phones on account of that’s what it has in stock. And fervent on that some of those are somewhat historic (eg the Galaxy S9 is from early 2018), they’ve potentially been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for a whereas . As for who will get what, it’s a lottery, despite the indisputable truth that even a Galaxy A11 for free is a correct deal.

You would also take a look at out this PDF for a list of gadgets that can proceed to work after the 3G network is switched off. You would also also seek the recommendation of this page to examine which of your phones is affected. Incessantly, you can possible like a phone that helps 4G LTE and HD Allege.

Ought to you grasp a 3G-very top phone but haven’t got a replacement, chances are you’ll possibly possibly dial 611 to examine with a representative or schedule an appointment in regarded as one of AT&Ts’ retail stores. More exiguous print
right here.



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