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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Nw: Organic Wheat Grass 200g Powder — Synergy Pure

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In this day’s fast-paced world of over-sophisticated, processed meals, we again and again don’t eat what’s easiest for us leaving us weak to unhappy health and low power. Right here is terribly honest when it comes to new, green greens, obligatory in our food design for the provision of vitamins, minerals, impress ingredients, enzymes, fiber and particular nutrients cherish chlorophyll. Synergy Wheat Grass offers all these nutrients integrated by Nature into a natural steadiness and potency unmatched by synthetic formulations. It is a long way the most potent, helpful, and realistic manner to lend a hand invent your 5 + every day servings of greens.

Weight for weight, Synergy Wheat Grass includes 300% the Calcium of milk, 800% more iron than spinach, 200% the fiber of bran, 24% protein (bigger than meat, fish, eggs or dairy).

Why Acquire Wheatgrass?

  • The major 18 vitamins, 20 minerals and eight customary proteins required for honest physique characteristic.
  • A generous provide of Beta-carotene, important in the characteristic of Weight loss program A.
  • A prosperous provide of Chlorophyll, a natural detoxifier.

Over 80 minerals in conjunction with Iron, Calcium and Potassium and the impress ingredients Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium.

  • A highly alkalising food that counters the over-acidity of many pr occessed meals.
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