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Nw: Facebook Ray-Ban Tales tidy glasses overview: Cameras on your face

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The Ray-Ban Tales glasses are a limited bit of an engrossing product. They’re now not the AR glasses that we’ve been awaiting. Essentially, they don’t truly receive any AR capabilities in any appreciation. As a change, they’re a bit shut to the Snap Spectacles. Co-developed with Facebook, the Ray-Ban Tales if reality be told place cameras and audio system correct into a pair of classy glasses.

The belief that isn’t utterly recent. Snapchat, as mentioned, has Spectacles, whereas Amazon provides the Echo Frames. Essentially, the Ray-Ban Tales don’t truly portray a technological shift over these products.

But does the addition of Facebook alternate the relaxation? Or does it turn out in point of fact making an already somewhat engrossing product worse? Within the rise, I’ve truly simplest seen customers in my circle of tech reviewers in point of fact exercise Snap Spectacles — and I’m in a position to’t truly win seeing anyone with Amazon Echo Frames.

I’ve been testing the Ray-Ban Tales for a temporary time now to explore if non-AR tidy glasses are willing for the world but.

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Facebook Ray-Ban Tales assemble

The Ray-Ban Tales are a pair of classy glasses. That’s now not surprising — they’re constructed by Ray-Ban, and they explore cherish it. The glasses come in three numerous shapes: Wayfarer, Round, and Meteor. They’re also available in just a few numerous colors, and with obvious lenses, or blue gentle filter lenses. We’re reviewing the sad Wayfarer sunglasses.

Facebook Ray-Ban Tales Front Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Needless to claim, the glasses don’t explore precisely cherish traditional Ray-Bans, even though they procure somewhat shut. On the entrance, the glasses receive one camera on either side, and the frames are a bit thicker than most sunglasses. That’s to be expected — they dwelling audio system, a battery, and so on.

The glasses even receive a button on the rise of the upright temple, which is archaic to take care of photography, and a vitality urged the inner of the left temple, which is also what you’ll exercise to assign the glasses into pairing mode.

The upright temple also doubles as a contact floor, which you’ll exercise to govern playback, volume, and calls. It’s relatively easy to exercise, even though it will also win a short time of making an try out to procure archaic to. There were times after I archaic a gesture and it didn’t register, but that changed into uncommon.

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories CaseFacebook Ray-Ban Tales Case Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

The glasses advance with a charging case, which is classy and nicely-designed. The case is a bit pudgy, but it’s clad in leather-based and provides a USB-C charging port on the abet. It’s relatively easy to snap the glasses into location to pay them too, which is priceless.

Expose, these glasses aren’t truly constructed to be archaic in the rain — if it starts raining, that you might well also quiet doubtlessly win them off and place them away.

Facebook Ray-Ban Tales camera

At their core, the Facebook Ray-Ban Tales tidy glasses serve two functions. They’re a camera, and a pair of headphones, constructed into one.

First, the cameras. There are two 5-megapixel cameras on these glasses, and they’ll take care of photography at up to 2592 x 1944 pixels. Video take care of is restricted to 1184 x 1184 at 30 frames per 2nd.

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories Camera
Facebook Ray-Ban Tales Camera Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

The utilization of the camera is somewhat easy. You’ll utilize down the button to snap a photo, and press it as soon as to yarn a 30-2nd clip. Arguably, it will also quiet be the opposite route spherical, even though I explain it is dependent what you are eager to realize extra. No longer lower than, Facebook might also quiet receive allowed customers to substitute the gestures in the app.

If you happen to exercise the camera, a white LED on the upright activates, and a shutter sound plays over the audio system. It’s loud ample for folks very shut to you to hear, as lengthy as there isn’t grand ambient noise.

Normally speaking, the cameras in the Tales are wonderful. In nicely-lit environments, they’ll take care of relatively crisp photography. Photos are decently brilliant and brilliant, too, which is candy to explore. And, photography were framed somewhat grand how you specialize in they would. There’s no viewfinder, but whatever you’re , will be captured.

In low gentle, photography aren’t massive. You’ll procure grand extra noise and some blur, and whereas you will be ready to usually quiet make out the topic, these glasses don’t receive anywhere shut to the image processing tech on many phones.

Needless to claim, there’s the simplest one other element to utilize in mind — how the cameras examine to your telephone. The overwhelming majority of folks will receive a bigger camera on their telephone than the Ray-Ban Tales can offer. Whether or now not utilizing that better camera is price having to win your telephone out of your pocket is up to you. For most, this might well possible depend on the topic.

Facebook Ray-Ban Tales audio

After you pair the glasses with your telephone, they’ll if reality be told work as Bluetooth headphones. There’s a speaker on every temple, pointed in direction of your ears, and they work roughly cherish every other Bluetooth headphones.

The audio quality is simplest. The audio system can procure loud ample in order to hear what’s happening in most cases. When listening to issues cherish podcasts and audiobooks, the assign audio quality isn’t as fundamental, they’ll attain the job completely nicely.

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories Button

Facebook Ray-Ban Tales Button Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

When listening to tune, the typical is a bit lackluster. There’s limited bass to snort of, and in consequence, you won’t procure grand depth from issues cherish bass guitars and kick drums. Mids and highs are a bit better, and there’s ample clarity for regular listening.

It’s fundamental to show that, not like earbuds, any audio you hear to will also be heard by those spherical you. Which capability that, these aren’t necessarily the headphones to exercise on public transportation and in groups.

App and machine

The Ray-Ban Tales tidy glasses connect to your telephone through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and might switch knowledge to and from the Facebook-constructed Peek app.

The app is somewhat bare-bones, even though that’s now not necessarily a notorious element. If you happen to originate the app, you’ll receive to uncover it to sync the photos from the glasses, that can retailer up to spherical 500 photos, to the app. This involves connecting to the glasses’ possess Wi-Fi network, even though the blueprint is relatively easy. Then, you will be ready to edit the photos and videos, and sync them with your telephone’s gallery.

The app capability that you can tweak just a few settings, even though there’s now not quite a bit to buckle down and do. That you just might well be ready to tweak issues cherish the LED brightness, tweak privacy settings, and so on.

Talking of privacy, it’s per chance one among the supreme disorders to receive with this product. The reality is that the glasses are quiet a Facebook product. You’ll receive to noticeably utilize in mind whether or now not or now not you’re willing to strap a Facebook-constructed camera to your face.

Facebook Ray-Ban Tales Swap Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

The glasses also enhance a Facebook Assistant, which capability that you can exercise the wake note “Howdy Facebook” to govern the camera. That you just might well be ready to’t truly attain grand else with it, and it doesn’t receive a enlighten — it correct makes exercise of sounds to show that it’s heard you. It labored somewhat grand in our testing, even though it did truly feel a bit unfamiliar to be speaking to Facebook.


Let’s procure this out of the technique upright now — the wi-fi headphones you receive are better than the Tales’ audio system, and the camera on your telephone is perfect than the Tales’ cameras. If quality is your topic, then you definately don’t resolve on the Ray-Ban Tales.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no location for them. They’re now not augmented reality, and we hope that tidy glasses jog far beyond this in the following couple of years. The Ray-Ban Tales are a groovy birthday celebration trick, but whenever you’re looking out for higher than correct a toy, it’s price waiting just a few extra years.

The competition

Amazon Echo Frames Label: $249.99 Prefer Now

Available from Amazon, BGR might also safe a price

As mentioned, Amazon has the Echo Frames whereas Snapchat has the Spectacles. If you happen to resolve on procure entry to to a tidy assistant, then the Echo Frames are price desirous about, even though they don’t receive cameras.

Ought to quiet I win the Ray-Ban Tales?

Perchance. If you happen to resolve on a costly toy, they are steadily becoming a possibility. Alternatively, that you might well also quiet wait just a few years for tidy glasses to procure grand better.

) Facebook Ray-Ban Tales Wayfarer Neat Glasses Label: $299.00 ) Prefer Now Available from Amazon, BGR might also be safe a price


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