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Nw: EXCLUSIVE: Bhramam Director Ravi Okay Chandran: We Deliberate This Mission Upright After The Release Of Andhadhun

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Bhramam, the upcoming Prithviraj Sukumaran starrer marks the Malayalam directorial debut of Ravi Okay Chandran, the standard cinematographer-turned-filmmaker. The shadowy comedy, which is the first price Malayalam remake of the acclaimed Bollywood movie Andhadhun, is slated to be launched on Amazon High Video, on October 7, Thursday. Bhramam aspects an extensive star solid alongside Shankar, Mamta Mohandas, Raashi Khanna, Unni Mukundan, and so on in the loads of pivotal roles.

In an EXCLUSIVE tete-a-tete with Filmibeat, director-cinematographer Ravi Okay Chandran opened up about Bhramam, remaking Andhadhun, working with Prithviraj Sukumaran, and great more.

Excerpts from the chat:

Bhramam Director Ravi K Chandran: We Planned This Project Right After The Release Of Andhadhun | Ravi K Chandran Exclusive Interview

1. Bhramam marks your second time out as a director, and it is your Malayalam directorial debut. What motivated you to don the director’s hat once but again?

I used to be equipped 2-3 scripts sooner than Bhramam. I didn’t relish a few of them, and the others didn’t work out the potential I wished. I didn’t prefer to judge up a film except its script is perfect for me. Then they equipped in this film. I seen Andhadhun and loved it. And I also felt that this film could maybe per chance well be made in Malayalam.

So, I spoke to the director of Andhadhun, Sriram Raghavan sir, and he also talked about that he used to be taking a seek for a Malayalam actor for the characteristic on the initiating. Moreover, he had viewed locations in Kochi for the film. That used to be form of a twist of fate. That’s how the finishing up sooner or later came about.

2. Andhadhun ) is a film that has been regarded as a basic. What prompted you to compose your Malayalam directorial debut with the remake of that film?

We wished to remake

Andhadhun great sooner than it earned cult repute. Nevertheless it obtained delayed then on memoir of the pandemic. Nevertheless the resolution used to be made long ago when the film used to be in theaters. Now, after 2-3 years when our film is coming out soon, Andhadhun turned a cult film.

We wished to resolve the film ( remake rights) straight after its release. So, we didn’t contain the burden in that potential. We watched Andhadhun on the second day of its release, and it used to be no longer even a hit then. We knew we are going to compose it, from great earlier. So, we had been truly rising with that film.

3. Changed into once it no longer easy to compose a remake film that attraction to the sensibilities of Malayalam audiences?

A lot of movies contain been remade in loads of languages. For instance, Singam – they remade it in Hindi with the identical title. Identical with Ghajini, which used to be regarded as a cult film. It is happening all over the world. So, I’ve in no blueprint thought about the challenges related with a remake while making Bhramam.

The thought that the Malayalam industry would no longer remake movies is truly no longer appropriate. If you dig deeper, many current movies contain been unofficial remakes. It does occur in the industry. Despite earlier, there had been no media to write about these issues. Despite now, we know from where a particular film is being copied.

4. Bhramam had garnered attention with its stellar star solid, appropriate from the initiating. How did Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shankar, Mamta Mohandas, and others became a phase of this finishing up?

When we seen Andhadhun and thought about making it in Malayalam, Shankar sir used to be there in our minds all the time. I can’t judge of somebody else for this characteristic. So, there used to be no trade in that. Prithviraj wished to resolve the remake rights of Andhadhun after he seen it. So he straight agreed to attain this finishing up when we approached him.

Tabu’s characteristic in Andhadhun is very advanced to play. So, when we thought about casting for that characteristic, Mamta regarded to be the most productive option. And then Jagadish used to be finalized to play the doctor, which is also a pivotal characteristic.

To play the cop in the film, we wished a very resplendent man (laughs). For Mamta (who performs Shankar’s wife) to contain an extramarital affair in this epic, we truly wanted to contain a perfect-taking a seek man in that characteristic. Shankar sir looks to be very perfect even now – he is Mohanlal sir’s contemporary and looks to be so match for his age. Unni Mukundan used to be an amazing option for this characteristic- he is a revelation. Moreover, Ananya, who performed Unni’s wife in the film, is amazing.

5. Bhramam marks your first collaboration with Prithviraj Sukumaran. Can you please piece your trip of working with the actor?

EXCLUSIVE: Bhramam Director Ravi K Chandran: We Planned This Project Right After The Release Of Andhadhun

EXCLUSIVE: Bhramam Director Ravi K Chandran: We Planned This Project Right After The Release Of Andhadhun


I had my possess doubts on how I’m going to deal with Prithviraj, as he is one of the most experienced actors out there even though he is younger age-wise. He has accomplished over 100 plus movies. Moreover, Prithvi has directed a tall hit film, with tall actors relish Mohanlal and others.

When I did this film with him, I thought he is going to bellow me issues relish ‘this scene is no longer working’ or ‘it could maybe per chance well restful be choreographed in a loads of potential’, or one thing relish that. So, I used to be mentally ready to judge all that. Nevertheless he didn’t state one thing. He ragged to attain his job and then trudge and sit in his van or discuss scenes with his co-stars. There used to be no longer even a bit of interference from his facet.

Moreover, when you are working in the Malayalam film industry, you contain terrific actors here. So, you don’t contain to bellow them great. All these actors are very perfect at their craft. For instance, Jagadish will be improvising his dialogues from the minute he is on the sets. So, it used to be a pleasure to shoot all of them. They all had been completely into the film and had been no longer deviating for even a minute. Moreover on memoir of the pandemic, the company had been no longer allowed on the sets. And, all the actors ragged to advance to the sets ready. So, you appropriate trudge there, procure the shot, and they will assemble.

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6. From the trailer, it is evident that Bhramam is going to be a visual treat for the audience. What used to be the most tantalizing phase of the visualization of this film?

When I made up our minds to shoot Bhramam in Kochi, they acknowledged it is an accomplished-to-loss of life repute. Of us contain shot many, many movies here. Serene, folks are shooting. Even though I acknowledged, you identified I’m coming to this repute after long 20 years. So, for me, it is my imaginative and prescient of taking a seek at issues. Cherish, a foreigner coming to India and shooting these locations are loads of appropriate? It used to be relish that.

When I entered this repute, every little thing used to be intriguing for me. Even a easy door and its color infected me. So, I used to be taking a seek at it with a new point of view. And now a lot of folks contain viewed the film and they state that it is taking a seek visually animated.

Without a doubt, I didn’t attain one thing extra for this film. I ragged very minimal lights on memoir of I didn’t bag ample time to gentle up extensively, as I contain to pay attention on the route also. Even Prithviraj used to be announcing that the frames are taking a seek beautiful even though I didn’t use many lights. So, I used to be telling him that he is too resplendent for this characteristic, and I can’t compose him seek harmful (laughs). Even Raashi Khanna, Mamta Mohandas, and Unni Mukundan – they are all perfect-taking a seek folks. So, you appropriate contain to procure the digicam on their faces and they all will seek very animated.

When you bag an actor relish Unni Mukundan in a frame, there is a drama in it. On a related camouflage, Unni is very pleased about his work in this film, and so are we. He has a massive possible as an actor.

EXCLUSIVE: Bhramam Director Ravi K Chandran: We Planned This Project Right After The Release Of Andhadhun

7. So what is your popular characteristic now – a cinematographer or director?

A cinematographer any day (laughs)

8. Did the pandemic boundaries contain an influence on the making of Bhramam?

Positive, especially in phrases of getting the crowd. Utter if wished childhood in the scenes, we can’t judge the probability and bag them to the shoot. Generally, we had to trudge to the locations where the childhood are fresh, we took special permission, and we took very minimal crew who are tested, and shot the sequences with them. It used to be the identical when we wished the acceptable crowd for determined scenes. Nevertheless filmmaking continually involves tons of compromises.

9. What attain you contain to state about Bhramam, to the audiences who are waiting to see it?

It is a very animated shadowy comedy . It is no longer a slapstick comedy but has a lot of situational comedy. The characters who are in the terrifying topic will compose you snicker. I hope the audience will revel in this film as great as we did making it.

10. Portray us about your upcoming initiatives

I’m currently shooting for a finishing up called Bheemla Nayak ) in Telugu as the DOP. It is a remake of the Malayalam film Ayyappanum Koshiyum.

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