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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Nw: Upcoming Texas Unbiased Hip Hop Artist Shawn Keith Releases His 9-Song Album 'Playa Wayz'

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Musician and Texas self enough hip hop artist Shawn Keith no longer too long ago launched the album, ‘Playa Wayz’. The album contains 9 songs exemplifying the supreme of hip hop.

Houston, Texas Oct 5, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Song artist Shawn Keith launched his 2nd solo mission called ‘ )Playa Wayz‘ which came out on September 23. The album contains 9 unheard of songs all of which exemplify his streaks as no doubt one of doubtlessly the most doable artists to include risen from the scope of urban hip hop and rap. The album opens with the ever-impossible ‘Intro’ and then dives straight into a deep poetic walk with songs such as )’Playa Wayz’, ‘Pimp Limp’, ‘ Wavy (Interlude)’, ‘Rollercoaster’ and extra. He collaborates with a quantity of producers as effectively as featuring artists during the scope of the album paving the strategy for inventive vary in doubtlessly the most sharp forms. The rapper and Texas self enough hip hop artist )launched the album through Family Over Foes which he’s a phase of. In the course of the album, he establishes himself as a poet and rapper who has the inventive depth that goes very a long way into the artistry. He’s moreover atmosphere the benchmark for brand spanking current artists within the making and the album, ‘Playa Wayz‘ stands as an exemplary example of how a long way hip hop has reach. Combining unusual production vibes along with his personal lyrical affect, he inspires and motivates his audiences to dream bigger and pave their paths in direction of their future. Artist Shawn Keith is an self enough hip hop artist who on the inspiration hails from Port Arthur, Texas but is currently essentially based mostly fully out of Houston. A few of his a quantity of songs are ‘Tonight’, ‘This Sh-t’, ‘Hercules’, and ‘The Dwelling’ that are moreover from his most up-to-date album. He has been a recording artist for over 6 years and has created a sound resonating with poetic dreams alongside the groove and might maybe of a sultry rhythmic vibe. Furthermore is known as Wavy Shawn, he’s frequently bettering his soundscape to reach for the larger feats. Apply his song and updates on Soundcloud , Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.Be all ears to this song ‘Playa Wayz’ by Shawn Keith: https://soundcloud.com/iamshawnkeith/items/playa-wayz Media Contact

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