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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Nw: Human Events Weird and wonderful: Fmr. Fb Decent Frances Haugen Plans to Testify to EU, Known as Her Supreme friend Conspiracy Theorist After Becoming a Men's Rights Advocate/Red Tablet Supporter

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So-called Fb Whistleblower Frances Haugen is testifying earlier than the US Senate this week calling on Congress to hang interaction action on what knowledge American citizens are allowed to piece on social media.

Human Events can solely inform from a verified person with direct knowledge that Haugen is additionally planning to scoot to Europe for several weeks to testify to EU Parliament.

Along with to, all over her 60 Minutes interview, Haugen mentioned shedding a buddy to ‘conspiracy theories.’

Human Events has learned that the ‘conspiracy theories’ Haugen used to be referring to used to be that her buddy grew to turn into appealing with the Men’s Rights Advocate/Red Tablet scamper.

The term ‘purple pill’ is a reference to the Matrix, and is the title of a 2016 documentary concerning the Men’s Rights scamper by filmmaker Cassie Jaye.

Along with to, Human Events has learned that f ixed with her personal advocacy web blueprint, Haugen states that in 2020 she used to be a member of Fb’s inner Civic Integrity crew. Which arrangement in all likelihood she used to be segment of the crew that made the controversial resolution to ban the bombshell Hunter Biden notebook computer listing by the Contemporary York Put up from Fb in October 2020, a compulsory level of the election. This used to be one among the biggest October Surprises in US political historical previous, and Fb and Twitter made the resolution to ban it with out evidence amid rumors that the notebook computer used to be tied to Russian intelligence. These rumors ended up being disinformation, and were all proved false.

For now, Haugen remains to be represented by Jen Psaki’s PR company and Eric Ciaramella’s upright crew.

Human Events will continue to notice this listing as it develops.


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