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Nw: Original know-how uses heat from underground parking tons to heat flats

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In Switzerland, more than 78% of the heating in buildings this day is equipped by boilers fueled by oil, gas, or wood. The leisure 22% is equipped by electrical radiators, electrically pushed heat pumps, and district heating networks.

Nearly 60% of the heating historical in Swiss, generated from fossil fuels. This makes Switzerland the ideal such particular person in Europe.

Original know-how affords hope that the nation’s resilience to fossil fuels may maybe furthermore soon decrease. All thanks to incentives by the federal and cantonal governments, advances in insulation supplies, and unique know-how.

Many of the building homeowners are installing hybrid systems to occupy assorted forms of energy to restrict fossil fuels.

A brand unique know-how developed by EPFL high-tail-off Enerdrape is for precisely a majority of these systems. The know-how recovers heat from underground parking tons and uses it to heat the flats above.

The know-how comes with geothermal wall panels that must quiet be installed in underground constructions. The panels then get hold of better the warmth positioned within the soil.

The know-how objectives to maximize the utilization of underground partitions and exploit a natural, sustainable useful resource in locations where it goes wasted. The panels measuring 1.3m x 0.7m are fabricated from a steel no thicker than a painter’s canvas. Every ten blue-and-white panels works as a heat exchanger that captures every geothermal and ambient energy.

The equipped heat pump circulates the captured energy finally of the building above, hence offering a fixed offer all year long.

Margaux Peltier, the CEO of Enerdrape, acknowledged, “The soil temperature doesn’t fluctuate whilst you get hold of a couple of meters under ground. Which method the energy generated by our panels isn’t dependent on climate conditions or the time of year.”

Because of the intellectual originated of the panel, it affords the dreary car parking lot partitions a facelift.

Alberto Simonato, director at Realstone – company, acknowledged, “We most continuously wait on startups which may maybe be growing progressive know-how for reducing CO2 emissions – a field on which we grab a proactive stance and are one step earlier than Switzerland’s federal and cantonal building requirements.”

“We’re also working with one other EPFL startup to put in some distance flung meters on some of our buildings’ heating and water systems.”

“If Enerdrape’s panels recent to be as efficient as we quiz, we may maybe furthermore install them on the soil-abutting partitions of a 275-allege car parking lot or in some of our other building s.”


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