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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Nw: Synthetic biology

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US 11,110,195 Synthetic antibacterial peptides that possess a sequence after all 80% identical to a sequence shown in SEQ ID No. 2 or the diastereomer thereof with a sequence shown in SEQ ID No. 3 or pharmaceutical compositions thereof. Also, strategies for exciting injure healing by capacity of the synthetic antibacterial peptides and for forming an antimicrobial coating on contact lenses. As well to, a scheme that has a surface with a coating of the synthetic antibacterial peptides. University of Houston System (Houston), Sapienza University of Rome (Rome) McDermott A, Mangoni ML 9/7/2021 US 11,104,914 Compositions and strategies using double-stranded ribonucleic acid (dsRNA) to manipulate bugs, in conjunction with whiteflies. Extra in particular, quite lots of narrate synthetic dsRNAs that induce RNA interference within the goal of bugs and strategies of turning within the dsRNAs to them, similar to allowing feeding on crops treated with, or transgenicly expressing, the dsRNAs. The US of The United States, as represented by The Secretary of Agriculture (Washington) Wintermantel WM, Kaur N, Hunter WB 8/31/2021 US 11,098,306 Synthetic promoters , as well to expression cassettes, and recombinant scaffolds, and strategies thereof. In narrate embodiments, the synthetic promoter is inducible by one or extra chemicals most contemporary within the future of lignin depolymerization. National Expertise & Engineering Solutions of Sandia (Albuquerque, NM, USA) Singh S, Varman AM 8/24/2021 US 11,093,865 Systems for computing with chemicals by encoding digital data into a plurality of chemicals to connect a dataset; translating the dataset into a chemical make; reading the dataset; querying the dataset by performing an operation to connect a perceptron; and examining the perceptron for identifying chemical structure and/or focus of after all one in every of the chemicals, thereby growing a chemical computational language. Demonstrates a workflow for representing abstract data in synthetic metabolomes. Brown University (Windfall, RI, USA) Rubenstein B, Rosenstein JK, Arcadia C, Chen SL, Dombroski AD, Geiser JD, Kennedy E, Kim E, Oakley KM, Reda S, Rose C, Sello JK, Tann H, Weber P 8/17/2021


US 11,091,777 Compositions and strategies for producing modified adeno-connected virus (AAV) cap genes and combinatorial libraries of chimeric AAV vectors and virions; deciding on for viruses showing cell-narrate tropisms; and, in definite embodiments, producing helper vectors containing one or extra modified AAV cap genes. The synthetic combinatorial AAV capsid libraries of the invention are necessary in introducing into the chosen goal host cells one or extra nucleic acid molecules. University of Florida Research Foundation (Gainesville, FL, USA) Marsic D, Zolotukhin S, Agbandje-McKenna M 8/17/2021 US 11,091,762 New synthetic bacteriophages and bacteriophage compositions, strategies of production thereof, and therapeutic uses thereof. Massachusetts Institute of Expertise (Cambridge, MA, USA) Lu TK-T, Lemire S, Yang A, Yehl KM 8/17/2021 US 11,085,037 Systems for generating synthetic genomes—let’s assume, synthetic genomes having desired properties or viable genomes of lowered size. Also, synthetic genomes produced by the strategies disclosed herein and artificial cells containing the synthetic genomes disclosed herein. Codex DNA (San Diego) Hutchison CA, Chuang RY, Noskov VN, Karas BJ, Wise KS, Smith HO, Glass JI, Merryman C, Gibson DG, Venter JC, Kannan Ample, Ding L 8/10/2021 US 11,078,256 Systems and compositions that provide for derived synthetic or recombinant proline-rich peptides. In some positive factors, compositions are used to inhibit breast cancer cell development and thus provided is a plan for treating and fighting breast cancer cell development in a mammal. The Board of Regents of the University of Texas System (Austin, TX, USA) Streckfus CF 8/3/2021


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