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Nw: Simple gather the main in Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and hang the Night of the Living Hedge achievement/trophy in Back 4 Blood

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Back 4 Blood’s secrets and ways are now no longer truly anything else to jot down house about, nonetheless after they give us achievements, we won’t truly whinge. The secret in this manual will have finding the golden cranium trophy in Act 3, Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Here is the effect aside to search out it and hang The Night of the Living Hedge achievement or trophy.

To assemble the Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood secret, you would per chance presumably well want to play on the mission Backyard Assemble together. Up so far, quite a bit of the secrets and ways we have found were early within the extent, nonetheless this one occurs just earlier than the terminate of it.

Whenever you happen to earn into Backyard Assemble together, you would per chance presumably well be traveling thru a form of greenhouses and gardens, nonetheless the final trek of the extent would per chance be in a hedge maze. Fortunately, it is now no longer hidden down a path that is now no longer easy to search out. Simply proceed thru the hedge maze till the terminate. Along the approach, be ready for any hordes and birds scattered for the duration of the paths. Whenever you happen to attain the terminate, you would per chance presumably well understand some stairs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Rather than the spend of the stairs, bolt ahead and creep down this other hedge maze path. It is truly very quick and need to restful lead you to a stone statue of a goblet that will presumably well have our secret inner. Have interaction with it to release the achievement or trophy.


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