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Nw: A person working as a plumber, became a millionaire, won 1 crore in Dream-11

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| navbharattimes.com | Up in the past: Oct 15, 2021, 10:18 PM

Bablu Crorepati, who works as a plumber in Katihar, has won Rs 1 crore by making an IPL team through the mobile game app Dream-11. Bablu has got Rs 70 lakh after deducting GST.

Bihar Latest News : ​कटिहार में प्लंबर मिस्त्री का काम करने वाला शख्स बना करोड़पति, ड्रीम-11 में जीते 1 करोड़

Bihar Newest News : A person working as a plumber repairer in Katihar became a millionaire, won 1 crore in Dream-11

Dream11 has given a reward of one crore rupees to Bablu Mandal, a resident of Hanswar, a small village in Kewala Panchayat of Manihari in Katihar district. There is a festive atmosphere in the house of Bablu Mandal after receiving the amount of one crore. People are reaching his house and congratulating him for winning one crore rupees.

Bablu, who became a millionaire overnight, said that his wife’s brother, Chhotu (brother-in-law) who used to work with him as a helper of a plumber mistry, Downloaded the app of dream11 to him and taught him to play. Initially he invested Rs 49, which earned Rs 200. Then slowly he also lost. After this, in the IPL match on Sunday, 11 players from both the teams playing the match between DC and Chennai Super Kings were selected for Rs 59 in the game. After which he got the message in the morning that he is at number one and he has won one crore. Now seventy lakh rupees have been sent to his account after deducting thirty thousand GST in one crore rupees.

Pucca house Will make: Bablu Bablu says that his dream has come true. He will make his broken house concrete. The money that will be saved will be spent for the good education of the children. Along with this, help and worship of the destitute people will also be done.

before Bablu Mandal another person has won one crore

Before Bablu Mandal, another person from the same subdivision had won an amount of one crore from dream11 in recent times. By the way, people have become obsessed with this game overnight about two millionaires in this subdivision.

‘must play as entertainment’
about SOFTWARE DEVELOPER & MOBILE GAME Expert Mithun says that excessive intoxication about this game can make people addicted to it. This game should be played for entertainment considering the financial risk.

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