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Friday, December 3, 2021

Nw: Drug gang who made deliveries with identical crimson backpacks jailed for bigger than 37 years

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A gang that wore a courier uniform and identical crimson backpacks to bring medicine rate almost about £2 million across London has been jailed for bigger than 37 years .

Gang chief Tiago Thomaz De-Lima weak a extremely encrypted chat provider to location up wholesale purchases of kilos of cocaine, MDMA and crystal meth.

De-Lima informed other users he could maybe maybe “sell one thing I contact”, while sharing trace lists for medicine and photos of what was once on supply.

Tiago Thomaz De-Lima. Pic: Met Police

Image: Tiago Thomaz De-Lima. Pic: Met Police

He acted as provider, bulk buying the items which had been then dispensed by four other people of the gang.

The drivers had been required to attach on a uniform to mix in however wore distinctive crimson backpacks, every with a “team” number written on it and a clear coloured pockets interior with the motive force’s name.

All six suspects had been arrested on 22 February at an address in Cromwell Avenue, London, where officers came upon tables lined in medicine.

The road-deal portions had been lined up and clearly marked for distribution.

Drugs and cash were recovered during the raid. Pic: Met Police

Image: Treatment and money had been recovered at some level of the raid. Pic: Met Police

All over three locations police seized stock valued at almost about £2 million.

De-Lima’s home in Kensington and Chelsea was once furthermore raided, to boot to a storage unit in Alperton where police seized a industrial tablet press, a money counter and gigantic boxes of packaging, including zip lock baggage.

The team of five had been all sentenced at Southwark Crown Courtroom on Thursday, 14 October having pleaded responsible in Would maybe well neutral.

The team of five had been sentenced to an total of 37 and a half of years:

Tiago Thomaz De-Lima, 31 , of Liberty Courtroom, W10 bought 18 years

Vanessa Ananias, 29, St Marys Avenue, NW10 bought six years

Andressa Santos, 25, Marcia Avenue SE1, bought four and a half of years

Nayara Robeiro, 33, Boileau Avenue W5 bought four and a half of years

Nayene Fernandez-Silva, 25, of St Marys Avenue bought four and a half of years the day prior to this, 14 October.

Larissy Nascimento, yet any other member of the gang who acted as a bookkeeper for the “groups”, is attributable to be sentenced at Southwark Crown Courtroom on Friday, 19 November.

DC James Hughes from the Specialist Crime Unit said: “We know that violence we watch in London’s streets is inextricably linked to medicine corresponding to those that De-Lima and his colleagues had been distributing across London.

The street value of the drugs amounted to almost £2 million. Pic: Met Police

Image: The road trace of the medication amounted to almost £2 million. Pic: Met Police

“The meticulous investigative work utilized by my team which unravelled this case of extremely organised criminals demonstrates the detective capabilities of the Met and presentations our commitment to taking these controlled substances off London’s streets.

“We hope that recently’s result sends a transparent message to those fascinated by illicit activities that the Met does now not welcome this more or much less endeavor in London, and our Specialist Crime Devices will work determinedly to dismantle organised crime groups corresponding to this.”


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