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Nw: Satire: What problems would the ten-headed Ravana face today?

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Whenever I think of Ravana’s ten heads on Dussehra, I shudder to think that if today Ravana is to be…

funny satire on ravan

Whenever I think of Ravana’s ten heads on Dussehra, I shudder to think that if Ravana had to live with ten heads today So what would he have to bear. Today if Ravan bikes If he thought of driving, he would have spent more on the helmet than the bike. This would have been the reason why the banks would have agreed to finance his bike but for ten helmets it would have been refused saying that the company does not have any such scheme.
If caught without a helmet, he does not lose his life by giving one hundred and fifty. He had to bargain according to the head. Brother, forgive the 5 heads of the left. I will take care in future. The traffic policeman would also say sternly, you have a daily fight. Yesterday also you did not wear a helmet in the fourth head from the left and till today you have not worn it in the third head from the right and Ravana would have clarified by saying that I have wounds in that head due to my lice, so I could not wear it. Aadhar card of Ravana could never be made due to not being able to photograph ten heads simultaneously. He used to get angry after seeing the photos of Meghnad and Kumbhakarna on Facebook but never able to take selfie himself.

Where people use selfie sticks to take selfies, he has to take selfies on his own. The last head would have to use a selfie stick to feed momos.

He always had to face problems in the metro. On the announcement of the announcer that the next station is so and so. By the time the sound reached his last head, Metro 5 station would have overtaken him.

It would have been impossible for him to go to any dance bar where ‘Per Head’ 2000 rupees are charged.

After spending four hours cutting the hair of all the ten heads of Ravana, the barber would have fallen unconscious when Ravana would say, do this… now head Give me a massage!

Please don’t stick your head out the window. It would have been impossible for him to follow this instruction written in the bus. Now if there were so many heads, then 2-4 would have come out on their own from right and left. ) had to be booked or else his nine heads would be bandaged by saying that only one person can watch the film on one ticket! In the morning, he would come to get his last head read the newspaper. When he had to use binoculars for this also.

But if Ravana was today, we would never have been able to celebrate Dussehra because his mercy petition would have been pending with the President even today and God Ram could never kill him!

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