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Nw: The HTC Vive Jog is a $499 VR headset that doesn’t desire a PC

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HTC Vive Flow is the $499 VR headset that doesn’t need a PC

(Image credit rating: Future)

HTC has at final revealed its next step on this planet of VR, with the HTC Vive Jog officially being unveiled the outdated day.

After we’re angry by VR headsets, we customarily imagine gaming devices — mammoth headsets and a mess of wires plugged into your PC. Now not so with the HTC Jog, which the firm is describing as a pair of “immersive glasses” in desire to a VR headset. So what, rather than its small dimension, devices the HTC Vive Jog rather than the the rest of the VR competition? We essentially obtained the possibility to opt a glimpse at out the Jog sooner than this liberate, so we are going to stroll you by our experiences to permit you to get if it be proper for your put VR wants.

HTC Vive Jog is being aimed at a substantial wider viewers, with a diversity of use cases being highlighted. First things first, it be now not aimed at players — that you can play some video games on it, nonetheless the Jog is now not in fact a specs powerhouse so that you’re now not going to be running Half Existence Alyx on it. As one more, the Jog is all about providing you with privacy whilst you’re out and about. As HTC describes it, the Jog “lets of us get moments of nonetheless and properly-being for themselves all the plan in which by the day.” Sounds very zen, nonetheless what does that essentially mean?

HTC Vive Flow VR headset

The HTC Vive Jog VR headset. (Image credit rating: Future)

“With VIVE Jog, HTC is taking abilities in a brand unusual direction, focusing now not on what we conclude, nonetheless on how we feel. Keeping our wellness has technique to the forefront within the final few years, with so many millions feeling confused each and each day, so it has never been more important to opt day out to nonetheless our minds, and VIVE Jog presents the becoming opportunity to flee our four partitions and immerse ourselves in our perfect atmosphere,” acknowledged Cher Wang, Chairwoman and CEO of HTC. 

HTC presents a diversity of examples, and we obtained to envision a load of them out all the plan in which by the preview event. There are meditation apps, together with Tripp, so that that you can beget some kick back, zen moments no subject the put you also will doubtless be. There are also a bunch of brain-training apps, alongside with a bunch of video games and interactive experiences like Spellbinding Alice, which we examined. That you would be in a position to even additionally stare TV or movies for your like deepest cinema, even whilst you’re sitting on a busy educate or airplane. We mediate HTC is burying the lede with that final one, on story of that’s undoubtedly going to be the most up-tp-date reason to pronounce up a Jog for everyday buyers.

With it being positioned as a huge transportable utility, the HTC Vive Jog is impressively lightweight and straight forward to pass. It weighs factual 6.67 oz (189 grams) and there is a lift case that is provided individually (even though it comes free in case you pre-explain). There are no chubby extra controllers either. As one more, the Jog makes use of your smartphone as the controller, and it be very intuitive and straight forward to make use of.

HTC Vive Flow VR headset

(Image credit rating: Future)

To retain the weight down, there would possibly perchance be now not any such thing as a battery within the headset, so it desires to be plugged in to work. It must also seem perfect for a portable utility to require plugging in, nonetheless you’re now not going to be walking the streets on this facet – it’s designed for airplanes, trains, espresso shops – areas with power presents on hand, so we don’t mind the shortage of battery here to retain the weight down (there would possibly perchance be also a provided individually power pack in case you will want it). This portability eliminates most of the identical outdated concerns when it involves VR headsets, like how to plan up your room for VR, or how to design a PC for VR — the Jog is terribly significant the VR headset for fogeys who don’t prefer the identical outdated hassles of VR headsets.

It appears placing too – very home age with the reflective front that’s half of snowboarding goggles, half of astronaut helmet. That you would be in a position to even almost mediate somebody was factual wearing an mammoth pair of shades in case you glimpse at them wearing the Jog, which is major in case you’re waiting for of us to put on this facet start air.

On the specs front, the categorical cowl is sturdy with a 3.2k resolution, 100 level discipline of behold and 75hz refresh rate. Alongside this, you also salvage spatial audio from the headset itself (although you would possibly also additionally use headphones for better noise isolation). There is a like cooling system too, so that you acquired’t beget a scolding portion of computer hardware strapped to your face.

HTC Vive Flow VR headset

(Image credit rating: Future)

The headset comes with adjustable leer lenses so that that you can without agonize dial it into your vision, which implies that glasses wearers can use the Jog without wearing their glasses too. There is also a flexible and detachable face gasket that helps the headset sit down very without agonize to your face.

The VIVE Jog will doubtless be launched in November and charges $499/£499/€549. It must also simply also be pre-ordered from vive.com/vive-movement. That you would be in a position to even additionally register to Viveport, a brand unusual subscription carrier launching with the Jog that offers salvage entry to to a fluctuate of apps together with video games, brain training, meditation, and even a Lo-Fi espresso store simulation. Viveport will value $5.99 per month.

Actually, that ticket point is rather steep for a machine with these specs – it’s more costly and vastly less great than the Oculus Quest 2. HTC is now not any doubt onto something here with the lightweight, transportable VR headset and we’d like to beget even handed such a things on a protracted-haul flight or educate plug, nonetheless the value in fact does sting.

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