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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Nw: This incident of Singhu border is giving goosebumps

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  • Shocking incident at Singhu border in Punjab
  • The body of a person covered in blood found hanging from the barricading
  • The body was hanged from the barricading by cutting off the hands and feet of the person
  • Now many videos of this incident are going viral, Nihangs are accused of murder
  • Chandigarh

    at the Singhu border of Delhi A man’s hand was cut off and his body was hanged. The video of this incident is heart-wrenching. In the video going viral, it is seen that the young man lying on the ground is suffering. His severed hands and feet are lying nearby. Nihang Sardars are alleging sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib. Asking the person in agony his name and address and shouting ‘Sat Shri Akal’ slogans.

    The horrific scene is going to make everyone go crazy. It is going to shake everyone’s heart, but the heartless heart of Nihangs standing nearby is not melting. He was in agony before he died. He was lying on the ground covered in blood. The severed hand lying nearby was telling the ruthlessness of the Nihangs.

    )the person was a resident of Tarn Taran It is being told that the person was a resident of Cheema Khurd village of Tarn Taran in Punjab. His name was Lakhbir Singh. Lakhbir Singh, 35, has 3 daughters. Presently she was living separately from her husband Lakhbir. Lakhbir used to work as a laborer and was addicted to drugs.

    Information received by the police at five o’clock in the morning DSP Hansraj said that at five o’clock in the morning, information was received that in the Kundli police station, there was a person near the stage of the farmers’ agitation. Hands and legs are cut off and hanged. ASI Sandeep from the police station reached the spot with the team. There he saw that there was only underwear in the body of the person.

    Case Against Unknown

    The DSP says that there was no disclosure of people questioned who did this? Police have registered a case against unknown people. Whether the rumor is going on, it is not known, but after the investigation, further action will be taken.


    Nihang on the spot

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