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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Nw: Veterans Remembrance Day at Hyundai Construction Instruments Americas

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Veterans Remembrance Day at Hyundai Construction Instruments Americas

Hyundai veterans photos

November 11, 2021 | Commerce News

At Hyundai, we possess many dedicated workers who possess served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Pictured left to loyal in picture above:

Hyundai Construction Instruments Americas:

1) David Spooner, Inside of Technical Toughen- U.S. Navy, 21+ yrs

2) Fred Hinton, Practicing Supervisor, U.S. Navy for 12 yrs in the Engineering Dept. as an Engineman E-6. (Disabled Veteran)

3) Dave Reeves, Inside of Technical Toughen, U.S. Navy, 10 yrs lively, 2 yrs reserve

4) Stephen Adamczyk, National Provider Supervisor -U.S. Marines, 17 yrs lively provider

5) Chris Hunt, District Provider Supervisor, 9 yrs in the Marine Corps and a pair of ½ as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan

6) Carlos Phelan, Formula Advertising and marketing/Trainer – U.S. Navy, 2 yrs

7) Mike Ross, CE Vice President of Gross sales, U.S. Navy, 6.5 yrs, infantry captain

8) Matt Brown, District Provider Supervisor, West – U.S. Navy, 4 yrs

9) Shaun Galligan, District Supervisor, SE – U.S. Navy, 3 yrs

Hyundai Area matter Handling Americas:

10) Gary Blodgett- District Provider Supervisor – 12 years U.S. Navy / Navy National Guard

11) Forrest Crawley, Product Gross sales Trainer – U.S. Navy, 4 yrs

“They shall grow no longer aged, as we that are left grow aged;

Age shall no longer weary them, nor the years condemn.

On the taking place of the sun and in the morning.

We may per chance well well be conscious them.”

Thank you to of us who possess served or are serving our nation.


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