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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Nw: COVID-19: Feds to assert approval of COVID vaccine for younger of us; Ontario shows scheme to present COVID pharmacy testing to symptomatic of us

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A person wears a mask to supply protection to them from the COVID-19 virus while strolling previous files about vaccination proof in Kingston, Ontario on Thursday September 23, 2021.

Report by Lars Hagberg /The Canadian Press Photos

The federal executive is decided to assert Friday that Health Canada has accredited the COVID-19 vaccine for younger of us mature five to 11.

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    A media briefing with federal officials to portion files relating to authorization of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for younger of us is scheduled for 10 am on Friday.

    Officials will also give a change on solutions from the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, while the manager will assert the easing of some COVID- 19 measures on the Canadian border.

    On Thursday , Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott said it woul interact “about a days to per week ” to obtain the child-sized vaccine from the federal executive, who is guilty for procurement of vaccines and distribution to the provinces.

    [970,250] Meanwhile, starting Thursday, up to 600 pharmacies in Ontario were to have birth coaching to present COVID-19 testing to all Americans eligible, alongside side of us with signs, with plans to at final rep bigger to up to 1,300 pharmacy sites.

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    As this newspaper reported earlier in the week , as many as 1,000 pharmacies all the procedure through Ontario can also soon be offering COVID-19 testing to of us with signs.

    Justin Bates, who heads the Ontario Pharmacists Association, said the scheme is secure and has “vetted by public smartly being consultants.” The pointers for the program will consist of the utilization of HEPA filters and having optimum air drift and ventilation, despite the indisputable truth that Bates smartly-known that now now not all pharmacies will meet these requirements.

    Bates said the selection to rep bigger testing could be made available in the market to every pharmacy in the province. Of 4,700 pharmacies, Bates said he expected up to 1,000 to participate, searching on their dimension, ventilation and willingness. He said the program would now not be itsy-bitsy to the Potentialities Drug Mart chain, as some reports beget steered.


    For the time being, 211 pharmacies provide asymptomatic testing. The expanded program can also quadruple the assortment of pharmacies fervent with COVID-19 testing, Bates said.

    He said some pharmacies would provide interact-dwelling tests, which might maybe then be dropped off on the pharmacy. Others can also attain testing exterior.

    Be taught more: 11 million like a flash COVID-19 tests to be provided to Ontario elementary and secondary students for holidays

    [970,90] with files from Jacquie Miller, Elizabeth Payne and the Canadian Press

    COVID-19 in Ottawa and Ontario

    Ontario reported 711 original circumstances of COVID-19 on Wednesday, with 397 of them, or simply about 56 per cent, in of us who’re either unvaccinated or of unknown vaccination put.

    There beget been five original deaths in the province.


    Here’s the very best one-day tally of up to date circumstances in Ontario since late September.

    Ottawa Public Health reported 48 original circumstances in the metropolis and one original death. There are 376 packed with life circumstances in the metropolis, 20 of us with an brisk COVID an infection in smartly being facility and one person in an Ottawa ICU.

    More than 22,762,199 vaccinations now beget been administered in Ontario, with 88.8 per cent of the population age 12 and over beget now now not lower than one dose and 85.7 per cent are fully vaccinated.

    There are 278 COVID-19 patients in smartly being facility all the procedure during the province. Of these hospitalized, 206 are now not fully vaccinated or beget an unknown vaccination put while 72 are fully vaccinated.

    The original deaths elevate the total assortment of deaths in the province to 9,955 for the reason that pandemic started.


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