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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Nw: 'There's no must apprehension about gasoline offers': Convoy of 15 tanker autos heading for Higher Victoria

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Victoria –

A convoy of gas tanker autos will whisk over the Malahat freeway into Higher Victoria on Thursday.

Gasoline stations on the South Island enjoy struggled with a provide crunch since the Malahat freeway became broken by flooding on Monday.

Fifteen tanker autos had been mustering in Bamberton, BC, north of the Malahat Summit, early Thursday morning.

Michelle Mahovlich, the City of Langford’s director of engineering and public works, says the convoy will possible be escorted southbound over the Malahat initiating at 9 am

“There’s no must apprehension about gasoline offers,” Mahovlich added.

Just a few stations within the Victoria space ran out of gasoline Wednesday as offers had been behind getting into the characteristic over the Malahat.

The freeway has been discipline to daylight hours delays and overnight closures since Monday’s storm washed out a portion of the freeway within the Goldstream space.

The province announced Thursday the overnight closures had ended as work crews made indispensable progress in repairing the a really worthy north-south artery.

Delays will persist through the space as the roadway remains launch to single-lane alternating traffic most arresting.

The province says intermittent closures can also fair occur “to aid gas tankers and emergency companies and products through the characteristic.”

The province expects two-manner traffic to resume by the rise of day on Nov. 22, reckoning on the weather.


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