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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Nw: OSCE story on combating trafficking in human beings: UK response

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Dear Madam Chair,

Thanks, Special Representative Richie, for preparing this story and for you and your team’s work in this necessary space.

We fragment your prioritisation of the 4 valuable challenges in the enviornment fight against trafficking in human beings – on impunity, protection of victims, the scale of the topic, and political will.

No person nation can gain rid of compelled labour, contemporary slavery and human trafficking on my own. There must be a coordinated and sustained global effort to take care of this nasty crime. Tackling compelled labour, contemporary slavery and human trafficking desires to be, and indeed must be, a top world coverage precedence. And never upright for governments, but additionally companies, society and all of us as folks. We welcome the supportive characteristic the OSCE and your Space of business plays on sharp a spotlight on this enviornment and supporting capacity and functionality building by collaborating States.

On impunity, we have labored in the UK to provide law enforcement companies with the tools they have to take care of contemporary slavery. This incorporates a maximum existence sentence for perpetrators, and give a make a choice to for the police to lengthen contemporary slavery prosecutions. Elevating awareness of as much as the moment slavery helps equip the general public and frontline experts with the realizing to space signs of as much as the moment slavery and story considerations.

Making sure victims gain the give a make a choice to they need and guaranteeing that survivors are empowered, requires us doing extra to fabricate the proof imperfect to greater perceive drivers and vulnerabilities in assorted sectors and nation contexts. The Alliance convention by your Space of business this twelve months, with its focal point on seek details from, equipped very functional insight on this enviornment. With a greater realizing of the drivers of as much as the moment slavery, we are in a position to make use of extra tools and tactics in the fight.

In the UK, we have a National Referral Mechanism which identifies and helps doable victims of as much as the moment slavery by connecting them with appropriate give a make a choice to. The UK government has also partnered with the Salvation Army to provide adult victims in England and Wales with specialist give a make a choice to. This includes safehouse accommodation, financial give a make a choice to and assist in having access to successfully being care and lawful advice.

We recognise that ladies folk and women are disproportionately tormented by contemporary slavery and human trafficking, and that frequent issues of violence against women folk and women encompass exploitation, coercion, management and abuse.

We agree with the key focal point of accelerating transparency in provide chains, and are chuffed to be in a scrape to proceed funding your Space of business’s project in this space.

Now we have taken steps to take care of compelled labour by public procurement. In March 2020, we revealed the enviornment’s first government contemporary slavery commentary. Government departments will submit annual contemporary slavery statements, starting from this month. For the reason that beginning of this twelve months, most fresh central government procurement contracts have to lift story of ‘social tag requirements’, equivalent to decreasing contemporary slavery dangers. The Up to the moment Slavery Evaluation Instrument used to be launched to place into effect effective due diligence and coaching, equipped to commercial employees.

Furthermore, there is now a requirement on companies with a turnover of £36 million or extra to submit an annual contemporary slavery commentary, outlining the steps they’ve taken to prevent contemporary slavery in their operations and provide chains.

We agree with multilateral options to take care of this enviornment. On the G7 meeting this twelve months, leaders dedicated to prevent, name, and gain rid of compelled labour in world provide chains. We also relief all States to affix the Call to Circulate to End Forced Labour, Up to the moment Slavery and Human Trafficking. We give a make a choice to the Inter Company Coordination Community Against Trafficking in Persons and give a make a choice to extra coordination among global organisations to fracture distinct as total formula to preventing and combating trafficking in persons, at the side of protection and give a make a choice to for survivors, as doable.

All over over again would possibly perhaps well I offer my appreciation for the work you Mr Richey and your team have carried out over the past twelve months. We request ahead to continuing to work collectively on this necessary enviornment in 2022 and beyond. Thanks.


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