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Friday, January 21, 2022

Nw: Stranded in Europe with AIG Traveler Insurance coverage?

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What Happens If You Contain Insurance coverage Nevertheless Are no longer Insured? Effectively, You Begin a Crowd Funding Campaign on Indiegogo.com!!!!!!!!!!

SEATTLEDec. 6, 2021PRLogStranded in Europe AIG has been ruthlessly denying claims for a long time. Sooner than this, I had the pervasive attitude: “Effectively, it hasn’t occurred to me!” Slice to Europe and having my shuttle to Italy, a shuttle of a lifetime, interrupted by Turkish Airways and normally canceled. I was stuck in Turkey, a location the put apart I wasn’t supposed to be, after suffering a $2000 theft of cash from my baggage and from my 6-month provide of prescriptions for diverse medical prerequisites.I believe to myself, “Tranquil down, Kevin. I truly have shuttle insurance coverage with …. lemme peek….AIG!Effectively, earn a prolonged fable short, they did all the pieces in their strength to content my claim and normally told me, “Yes, you had been screwed! Nevertheless we easiest duvet TERRORIST INCIDENTS (treasure Al Qaeda, Isis, and The Gleaming Route) Maoist Guerrillas) and 7.2 RICHTER SCALE EARTHQUAKES IF THEY HAPPEN IN ROME AND YOU’VE BEEN SERIOUSLY AFFECTED, AND/OR A DEATH IN THE FAMILY.” “Gee,” I said. “I didn’t know that.” “Effectively, you’ve gotten to learn the stunning print!!”Which ability, I am having a peep to space up an Indiegogo Fund so I and others can compile our money befriend and if imaginable, initiate a category movement lawsuit in opposition to AIG.What We Need & What You CollectI am appropriate having a peep to manufacture a fund so I will reimburse myself for this catastrophe of a shuttle, and treasure a shadowy cat who fell from a wonderful high — land on my toes once more! If we compile more monies, and people can send us their denied claim, we can initiate a viable class movement lawsuit and on the identical time, give some monies to people that are in bother from their claims being denied. (There are more of us available than you stutter!) That it is most likely you’ll furthermore compile a T-shirt or a mug that claims something to the earn: “AIG Screwed US! Nevertheless then we SCREWED THEM!” or “We bailed them out for 180 billion! Nevertheless the put apart’s our bailout, AIG?” or “It be Time for THE PEOPLE TO LEAD AND THE POLITICIANS AND CORPORATIONS TO FOLLOW!” Also, if you take to have, I am a creator of 11 books: Nirvana, Day of Reckoning, Within the hunt for, Extra, The E-book of Life, Soul Kitchen, Torn Veil, Notes from the Underground, and the now upright: Onboard the RMS Grand All over again. Whereas you happen to take, I will send you a reproduction or two of my books if you bought a donation.The Influence This project is precious. It exhibits Fortune 500 Companies that yes, it is most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps further be unprecedented but on the identical time, we can bring you down a notch or two if you consistently misbehave and act unethically. Will it trade the sphere? No, but it be a step in the ethical route.Appropriate now, the US is much less a capitalistic society, and more a Corporate Oligarchy with a handful or ultra prosperous businessmen and females and equipped-off politicians working issues, and making an attempt to thwart The Of us and to irrevocably injury our fragile democracy .Our Indiegogo.com project is here: https://www.indiegogo.com/initiatives/screwed-over-by-aig/x/…
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